In his 5 years with CCC, my son has developed a passion for music, established life-long friends, and learned to collaborate with talented singers from all over Northern Colorado.
— Sala Voce Parent

The singing is absolutely top notch.
— Jubilate & Sala Voce parent

It was a fun experience for him to be a part of on a weekly basis as children worked together and learned about music from their directors. Bel Canto was a positive and encouraging atmosphere that held everyone accountable as they challenged themselves in musical ways.
— Bel Canto parent

It’s been a fabulous experience. It’s amazing how much my daughter has learned. She goes to other choir concerts and is surprised how many songs she knows from her CCC years. It’s something she will always remember and cherish.
— Sala Voce parent

I appreciate the high level of discipline and music. The expectations for the year are clear i.e. every Monday night, and the dates of the performances and rehearsals are clearly marked for the whole year.
— Cantare parent

I love to see their growth in musical ability and appreciation. The lessons in commitment and discipline necessary to work with a group, to train and improve toward a definite goal, and the satisfaction of seeing that goal be realized (in a performance). Their satisfaction in doing something pleasing and valuable for others (the good performances).
— Cantare & Sala Voce parent

The music content is varied, challenging, and enjoyable; the directors are excellent; rehearsal and performance schedule is reasonable; friendships made by my children in CCC have been rewarding.
— Sala Voce parent

Our first year was very positive. I feel like the organization is very well organized and the quality of the program is very high. I tell all of our friends that CCC is well worth the time commitment and the money.
— Jubliate parent