You want an organization that fits for your family. Here are some frequently asked questions families ask themselves when deciding what activity to choose.

Q. How will my child grow their skills?

  • CCC gives the opportunity for developing new skills and confidence. Singers try new things, work hard, and succeed. Singing is a creative activity that develops their brain and their abilities.
  • Singers develop music skills including posture, breathing, tone, enunciation, rhythm, volume, vocal range, and movement.
  • CCC provides high quality in all parts of the performance, from how the choirs come on stage to the selection of music and the integration of professional musicians to accompany the choirs. Families and community members love the excellent performances. 
  • CCC has positive role models in both the adult staff and the Graduate Assistants.
  • We set boundaries and high expectations. Youth develop responsibility and a feeling of personal power.

Q. How will my child feel they belong?

  • CCC strives to help our singers feel safe, supported, and connected.
  • Choirs are a great way for being a part of something larger than yourself. Studies have shown when groups sing music together, there is a strong sense of connection and well-being. Choirs also provide a collaborative environment, different from the competition present in so much of our lives.
  • Singers form connections with other youth and adults. They have the opportunity to make friends with others with like interest in music.
  • When kids come out of rehearsal, many of them are singing and laughing together, and are excited to tell their parents about practice.
  • Uniforms and logo wear promote feelings of connection.
  • Members of our oldest choir have the opportunity to travel to choral festivals, building strong relationships and memories.
  • As a parent, you can increase the sense of belonging for your child by getting involved and building connections with other families.

Q. How will my child feel they matter?

  • Our directors stress the importance of the individual in the whole group performance.
  • Singers provide a service to the community of performances of beautiful music, and our audiences show their appreciation.

Q. How do I know if my child is ready for an audition? 

  • If your child has an interest in singing, he/she is welcome to audition for CCC.
  • Please do not let the term "audition" be intimidating. The auditions are designed to be as low stress as possible. The directors are friendly and want your child to succeed.
  • The audition process is described here. 
  • Auditions are held yearly for both new and returning singers, recommending singers for the appropriate choir for each individual.
  • The experience of auditioning in CCC builds confidence as singers go on to audition for middle school and high school groups.

Q. How do families know expectations and how to succeed as part of the choir?

  • We have a family handbook that lays out the expectations. We ask parents and singers to commit to meeting those ahead of time, so there are no surprises about expectations during the year.
  • CCC develops responsibility and uses methods to help singers be accountable for preparing and being an active participant. We set children up for success with clear standards.

Q. How expensive is CCC?

  • We believe CCC is a very good value compared to sports, dance classes, music lessons, theater, and many other youth enrichment activities.

  • Costs include dues, one-time uniform fee, tickets for concerts, and optional logo wear and CDs. The oldest choir has an optional trip. Primo Coro for K-2nd grade and the Summer Choral Festival Camp are priced separately. Read more about choir fees.

  • Optional fundraising with grocery cards and scrip helps families lower costs without extra effort.

  • CCC depends on parent volunteers to keep our program affordable for families. Parents have the opportunity to volunteer in ways that meet their schedule and interests. Many families have formed long-lasting friendships with others in CCC by getting involved.

  • We have an option for parents to make a donation to help with choir costs if their schedule doesn’t permit volunteering.

  • Scholarships and payment plans are available.

Q. How much will CCC consume our lives?

  • CCC meets one night a week, with extra rehearsals just before performances. Families appreciate that CCC accomplishes so much without meeting multiple days per week.
  • We do ask that you prioritize Monday evenings and the required extra rehearsals; we publish a schedule at the start of the year so you can plan. See more about our performance schedule.
  • Rehearsals and performances are in Fort Collins or Loveland. 
  • CCC is a great activity for families with multiple children. Many of our families have more than one singer. The choirs all meet in the same general area in the same timeframe. Many families set up carpools which build connections and reduces the driving needed.
  • Some parents appreciate the regular time to do grocery shopping or errands while singers are at rehearsal.

  • Many of our singers are in multiple activities. If you are already overscheduled, are you getting the same level of benefits and value from other activities? Maybe it’s time to switch.

Q. How does CCC keep my child safe?

  • CCC activities are done in groups.
  • We take roll at every rehearsal and contact you if your child is not in attendance and you have not arranged the absence.
  • We remain with your children after rehearsal until you pick them up.

Q. CCC meets in churches - does CCC promote Christianity?

  • Several churches welcome us to use their facilities for CCC activities, which helps lower our dues.
  • While we use churches for our rehearsal space and some performances, we welcome all faiths and beliefs.
  • Some of our music is from faith traditions; we strive to use a mixture of music and do not promote any specific belief system.

Q. What kind of music will my child be singing?

  • CCC selects appropriate music for the ages and skill levels of our singers. We want them to be challenged and also have songs they (and you!) will enjoy singing and/or listening to over and over.
  • We strive for a mix of quality music. Our repertoire includes historic religious music, spirituals, folk songs, contemporary children’s composers, and songs in other languages.

Q. What do other parents say about CCC?

Q. When do we have to sign up?

  • New singers may audition at any time.  We appreciate new singers auditioning by early July so we can order supplies and plan for our choirs to begin in mid-August with the Fall Workshop.
  • Returning singers audition for the following year in May. Summer Choral Festival Campers audition during camp in June. 
  • Individuals who audition after the fall season begins may join mid-year, in December, after our holiday concert.
  • Summer Choral Festival Camp registration begins in January and ends the week before camp.
  • Primo Coro registration for K-2 is ongoing registration for the upcoming fall or spring session, until the spaces are filled.
  • Find out more about how to sing with us!